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Aquatics Warehouse are extremely proud of supplying the British Public online for over 15 years. We specialise in aquarium and pond equipment and products.
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Here at Aquatics Warehouse, online since 1998 we pride ourselves in keeping our prices low low low stocking aquarium and marine supplies,  filters, lights, pond liners, cures, pumps, food and all supplies . We also have a retail outlet at Nurbreck Nurseries, Blackpool where we started in 1973 selling tropical, marine and  fish. We import all our fish from all round the world importing quality pond fish etc. Pond liners come in differant thicknesses and qualities. EDPM pond liners are the best quality with Butyl Rubber Pond Liners close behind. PVC pond liners come in two thicknesses, 0.5mm pvc pond liners with lifetime guarantee and 0.4mm pond liners with 15 years guarantee. These are listed down the side iof the page and you can check out all the products from that manufacturer that we stock. We can offer next day delivery on most items but not on Aqualast liners, Firstone liners or Butyl Pond Liners. These are all cut to your size and can take up to 5 working days. 

We sell Flexi pond 20 pond liners , Flexi pond lifetime liners , PVC liners for your pond. Butyl Rubber liners, Firestone liners , and EDPM Liners, are the best quality and we also pond liners off cuts.
We also stock pond kits that include pond liners, pond pumps, pond filters, equipment also liners underlay. 



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