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Our pumps come from the top manufacturers in Europe. The pump is an essential part of your pond evironment, creating water movement and essential interaction with the air. This will oxygenate the pond water making your pool healthy and prevent your water stagnating. The pump will power the  fitration system which needs oxygenated water to convert ammonia and nitites to harmless nitates. Adding an air pump to the system also helps the oxygenation of the ammonia and nitrites.The pump can also power a fountain and or water ornaments. Some of the pumps can be coupled up to a surface skimmer to clesar the sutface of the pool from scum and debrit.
The most popular pumps are the Waterfall and Fountain Pumps and in this section the main manufacturers are Lotus and Fishmate and Blagdon. Solids Handling pumps are well represented with the top best sellers coming from Force Hybrid and of course Lotus  and not forgetting Laguna. Most of the pumps are submersible but there is a good representation of units that can be sited either in the water or at side of the pool. These are called amphibious.
We also carry a good range of pond pump accessories. Pump Accessories. Spare parts for pond pumps are also stocked. Spares

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