Affinity Feature Pond Half Moon (Rattan)

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Affinity Feature Pool Half Moon

Instant complete kit containing everything one needs to set up and maintain a living feature, in just hours.
PE Rattan panels that simply screw together, Fibre reinforced liner for long lasting quick build  Shatter proof PVC windows, Low voltage pump and filter, Automatic night time LED spotlight, Two planting baskets, Three fountain displays, Waterfall with Half Moon Tap water conditioner with Filter Start Green water treatment  Window cleaning pads  How to guide  Step-by-step set up guide.

Stunning day and night fountain and lighting features included: Three fountain heads and LED spotlight in each kit. Additional waterfall included in the Half Moon kit

Comes with Blagdon Life Support System All-in-one pump and filter system, treatments and replaceable filter pads.
Efficient pump and filtration package.
Includes: Low voltage pump  filter  3 attractive fountain features  automatic night time feature with pivoting LED spot light, mechanical & biological filter media, polymer wool cartridge (replaceable).
1/2 inch feature/waterfall fitting, adjustable fountain extensions and flow control adjuster.
Replaceable filter cartridges 
Tech spec: Pump 700ltr (154 gal )
1.25M max head (4.1ft)
24V Low voltage
IP56 Weatherproof transformer
10m of low voltage cable
1.5m, mains cable
10w IP68 LED
Photo sensor activated 0.76w

Size 100cm x 70cm x 60cm high
Flat packed, easy assembly.