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Bermuda Ultra Violets 18w


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Bermuda 18w UV Clarifier Pond Ultra Violet Clarifier

Very effective at keeping the pond clear (clearing green water).
Can be retro-fitted to biological filters.

Bermuda 18w UV Clarifier key features:

1. Compact.
2. Easy to install.
3. Retro fit to bio filters.
4. Multi fit hosetails.

Each Bermuda ultra violet clarifier is complete with ultra violet bulb

Bermuda 18w UV Clarifier Performance:

Max Pond Volume (Litres) TBA
Ultra Violet Bulb (Wattage) 18
Max Flow Rate (Litres Per hour) TBA
Outlet Size (Millimeters) 19 - 38
Inlet Size (Millimeters) 19 - 38