M a r c h

Spring may be blooming above water but below the temperature is still 3 – 4 degrees cooler, so be patient.

A p r i l

Partially empty the pond (15 – 20%) and top back up introducing the appropriate dose of dechlorinator and pond tonic salt. It is also a good idea to give your pond a treatment of an all round cure to help the fish as they come out of the restful winter period and are feeling week and likely to catch anything that’s lurking around in the pond. If the pond temperature is above 9 degrees C, then you can start to feed the fish normal food again and come of the winter feed (wheat germ sticks). However don’t use a high protein food yet as the fishes digestive system will not be able to cope, this leads to constipation. Divide up overcrowded marginal plants and re fertilize the baskets. If you took out your pond pump and disconnected the filter then now is the ideal time to start them back up again. Turn on your UV after making sure that you have changed the bulb and cleaned the quartz sleeve. If the weather is warm you can now introduce new fish into  you pond. Add the new fish a few at a time so as not to upset the natural balance in your pond.

M a y

This is the time to begin planting!  Take advise from your local aquatic center about which plants to introduce to give colour throughout the summer.


J u n e

This is the peak of the pond  planting season. Lillie’s and marginal plants can be planted right up to September. Keep your eye on the pond filter it may need cleaning.

J u l y

This is the month your pond will look its best. Feed both your fish and your plants at this time. Use a good quality fish food high in protein.

A u g u s t

Put you feet up, have a cup of tea and enjoy your pond. You have earned a rest.


S e p t e m b e r

As long as your fish come to the surface for food keep feeding them ( Wheatgerm Sticks) to prepare then for the winter rigors ahead.

O c t o b e r / N o v e m b e r

If you have pond lighting then it comes into its own as the dark nights descend upon us. Cut back dead and decaying plant life. Empty out the water from the UV quartz sleeve – or bring in the UV unit itself to prevent damage caused by the freezing weather. You may remove the pump or keep it running to prevent the ice from freezing the pond over. Think about installing a pond heater to keep a hole in the ice to prevent dangerous gases building up in your pond, also letting the fish breath in oxygen. Cover the pond with a pool net to keep out all those unwanted falling leaves.


There is very little to do in the winter months. The fish will usually go down to the bottom of your pond and require no food during the cold weather.

Curl up by the fire and plan how to make your garden pond even more splendid next season.