Goodbye Blanket Weed - Eco Pack

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Nishikoi Goodbye Blanketweed treatment for 1000 gal pond treatment each week for 6 weeks! The product is excellent quality and is very successful in the control of unwanted Blanket Weed.

Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed contains a unique, worldwide patented bio-product consisting of bacteria cultured on barley straw, enzymes and activated barley straw.



  • No mess.
  • No measuring.
  • Patented formular of natural products.

How to Use

  • Simply drop one water-soluble sachet of 'Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed' into the pond or filter every week. One water-soluble sachet treats ponds up to 1000 gallons.
  • Each pack of 'Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed' is an 6 week treatment for a 1000 gallon pond.
  • Effective against blanketweed, green water and organic sludge.
  • Available in 8000 gallon or 32000 gallon value packs.