Eheim Aquarium Filters

From the classic up to the newest high-tech models with electronic control. With or without heater.

Advantages of Eheim Filters

Whether it be the smallest (breeder) tanks  from 20 l., smaller from 100 l. or large units up to 1500 l., here you will be sure to find exactly the right filter.But please compare all the details. Because use and performance, features and technology, handling and convenience are all specifically tailored to meet the most varied of requirements. The differences are therefore large and consequently the choice is diverse.
All EHEIM external filters have one thing in common: the best materials, precise engineering and a lot of know-how guarantee the highest quality, consistent, reliable performance and long service life. Furthermore, you can be sure that the filter, accessories and filter media are always exactly tailored to match each other. Made in Germany.

Pickup Internal Filters

Eheim Pickup Internal Filter
The EHEIM Pickup filter is a simple filter sponge filter and is ready for use. An activated carbon sponge as accessory is available.4 Sizes for tanks up to 200 litres £15.00 to £24.00.

Aquaball Internal Filter

Eheim Aquaball Aquarium Filter
The Eheim Aquaball aquarium filter. The ball is the trick. The round pump head sits in a ball joint. This enables adjustment of the outflow direction as required. The flow rate is set by the output regulator. And the power-diffusor adjusts the air flow. f

Biopower Aquarium Filters

Eheim Biopower Aquarium Filter
The Eheim Biopower filter is the first internal filter to use external canister filter technology. Multiple filtering as with an EHEIM external canister filter. 3 sizes for tanks up to 260 Litres £36.95 to £50.95.

Compare Eheim Internal Filters

Compare Internal Eheim Filters
Compare the three types of Eheim internal aquarium filters. Pickup, aquabal and Biopwer.

Aqua Compact

Ehei Aquacompact Nano Aquarium Filter
EHEIM aquacompact offers you an ingenious combination of internal and external filter.
aquacompact can be simply stuck onto the glass: the pump with inlet, prefilter and outlet hang on the inside of the aquarium – the filter canister, however, on the out

Ecco Pro

Eheim Ecco Pro Fish Tank Filters
EHEIM ecco pro – the very special convenience external filter with only 5 and 8 Watt energy consumption. Its special feature: the clever multi-function handle. 3 Models for aquariums up to 300 Litres.£84.15 to £108.29.

Classic External

Eheim Classic External Filter
By choosing an eheim classic filter you won’t go wrong. Because you have chosen a reliable, millionfold tried and tested piece of equipment. All eheim filter models perform to the highest quality standards.Four filters in the range from 80 litres to 1500


Eheim Experience Aquarium Filter
EHEIM eXperience – This is the sturdy basic model in our external filter generation with a square basic shape. Thousands of times tried and tested and the source of revolutionary high-tech innovations. Three filters in the range up to 350 Litre aquariums

Professional 3

Eheim Pro 3 Filter
EHEIM professionel 3 – the external filter family for the most demanding requirements. High-end technology in top quality with all conveniences and with top class relatives.4 filters plus 3 thermofilters. £175.70 to £379.95

Professional 3E

Eheim Professional Electronic Filter
EHEIM professionel 3e electronic – the first aquarium filter in the world with electronic control. A lot of features, permanent monitoring, easy to regulate – also via PC.3 models for aquariums up to 700 litres plus


Eheim Thermo Filters
Eheim External Filters with Internal Heaters.Cleaning and circulating the water and at the same time setting the correct temperature: only available from EHEIM. The highlight of our professionel filter generation.

Reeflex UVs

Eheim Reeflex UV Filters
Effective against microorganisms
EHEIM reeflexUV – the UV-steriliser with a new kind of reflector technology. 1,8 times higher effectiveness and less energy consumption compared to conventional technology.3 models for tanks up tp 800 Litres. £84.09 to £1


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