Pond Balance Medium (3000 Gal)


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The best selling blanket weed treatment of the last decade. Very effective – changes the salt in the water making it impossible for blanket weed to repair itself or grow – very easy to use – simply spoon the pink salt into a bucket of water and stir in. Long lasting – regular monthly repeat doses during the growing season ensure your blanket weed never returns.

It is a unique non-algicide plant friendly formula ensuring that no harm comes to any other pond plants, fish, filtration bacteria or water using wildlife. 

It does not effect plants because it works by making unavailable a nutrient that is only required by filamentous algae and therefore starves it out of existence. Also contains plant stimulants and so helps establish a naturally balanced pond.

Three sizes are available, 

Standard pack treats 2273 litres (500 galls) three times

Value pack treats 4546 litres (1000 galls) three times

Medium pack treats 13638 litres (3000 galls) three times