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Here at Aquatics Warehouse UK you will find thousands of products all at Massive Discounts. We offer price matching as well but we check our competitors prices weekly so that we stay the cheapest with one of the best selections if not THE BEST. We also offer Free Delivery on all orders over £50.00 to most UK mainland destinations.


Pond Supplies

Pools Complete

Complete garden pond includes filter and pump
Plug n Play
Kit includes pond,
Filter and Light

Complete Pond Kits

Complete pond kits to get a pond up and running. The kit includes the Liner, Pond Pump, Pond Filter with built in UV, Pond Pipe, Hose Clips and Water Conditioner (Fresh Start).

Pond Pump Supplies

Pond Pumps Supplies
Discount Pond Pumps
157 different Pumps.
£17.95 to £3499.90

Pond Filters

Pond Filter Supplies
Pool Filters.
Inpond and External Filters
Kits including Pumps

Pond Liner

Pond Liner Supplies
pool Liners ,
PVC liners, Aqualast liners,
Butyl Rubber liners.

Air Pumps for garden pools

Pond Air Pump Supplies
For Air To
Your pond from
Blagdon, Interpet, Oasis

Ultra Violets Uvs

Pond Ultra Violets UVS
Ultra Violets
Spare UV Tubes.
Spare Quartz Sleeves

Lighting Supplies

Pond Lighting Supplies
Halogen and LED Lights
Underwater Lighting
Pool Misters

Outside Electrics

Pond Electrics Supplies
Electrical Switch Boxes,
Electric Sockets
Remote Control Electrics

Pond Fish Food

Pond Fish Food Supplies
Fish Food Sticks
Koi Sticks,Pellets,Flake
Koi Food Buckets

Pond Water

Clear Water Sorted
Fish Test kits
Green Water Gone

Fish Treatments Koi, Goldfish

Koi Fish Treatment Supplies
Koi Goldfish Cures
Disease Treatments
Koi Fish Cures

Pond Care Cleaning Supplies

Pond Vacuum Cleaner Supplies
Vacs and Vacuums
Surface Skimmers
Sludge Pumps, Gloves

Pond Accessories

Pond Catch Nets Supplies
Accessories, Equipment
Heron Scarers, Heaters, Paint
Fish and Cover Nets, Baskets

Waterfalls n Cascades

Pond Waterfall Cascade Supplies
Waterfall Supplies
Cascades and Streams
Black or Stone

Discount Garden Ponds

Garden Ponds Supplies
Garden Ponds Info
Liner, Filter Pump sizes
Looking After etc.

Pump and Filter Spares

Pond pump and filter spares supplies
Spare Media UV tubes
Filter Media
Pumps and Filters

Pond Pipe - Hose and Clips

Pond Hose Supplies
Pond pump Hose
Stainless Clips
6 Sizes

Pond Heaters

Pool Heaters and