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Here at Aquatics warehouse we strive to bring together pond filters and  filter kits from all the top suppliers in Europe. The filters for your pond are mainly of two types, pressurised and gravity. The pressurised units can be placed anywhere and can be below pond level whereas the gravity filters need to go above water level and usually at the top of your pond waterfall. The  filter kits are a cheaper way of buying and the pump is selected to complement the filter chosen.



Pond Filters

All In One Pool Filters Pumps

All in one pond filter
All in One Filters
Pond Filter,Pump,
UV, LED Light

Biological Filters

Biomaster-biological pond filters
6 Bio Filters
2000-15000L Pond
£19.95 to £145.99

Lotus Green Genie Pond Filters

Green Genie Pond Filter
6 Combined Filters
2000-48000L Pond
£51.93 to £181.77

Fishmate Gravity Filters

Fishmate Gravity Pond Filters
Gravity UV Filters
2500-20000L Pond
£47.47 to £109.77

Lotus Bio Clear 5 Stage Filters

Lotus Bio Clear 5 Stage Filter
4 UV BioFilters
5000 ti 6000 Litres
£99.99 to £129.99

Blagdon Multi Stage Pond Filters

Blagdon Multi stage pond filter
5 Multistage Filters
4500-14000L Pond
£82.69 to £185.74

Clearpool 7 Stage Filters

Clear pond 7 stage Filters
7 Stage Pond Filters
15000-50000L Ponds
£129.99 to £265.33

Laguna Pressure Flo Filter/UV

Laguna Pressure Flo Pond Filter/UV
Laguna Pressure Filters
Including Pond UV's
£149.99 - £260.24

Green Genie Pressure Pond Filters

Green Genie Pressure Pond Filters
Low Voltage Filters
5000-30000L Pond
£99.45 to £229.99

Fishmate Pressurised Filters

Fishmate Pressurised Pond Filters
Pressure Filters with UVC
2500 to 45000 Litres
£68.92 to £345.17

Blagdon Easy Clean

Blagdon Pressure Filters
Blagdon Filters
4000-10000L Pond
£92.95 to £134.95

Green Genie Eco Max Kits

Green Genie Eco Max Pond Filter Kits
Filter, ECO Pump, UVC
2000-8000L Pond
£89.95 to £295.95

G G Triple Kit Pond Filters

Green Genie Triple Pond Filter Kits
Filter, Otter pump UVC
2000-48000L Pond
£79.95 to £265.95

Fishmate GUV Kits

Fishmate GUV Pond Filter Kits
Gravity Filters, Pump, UVC
£85.95 to £231.99

Garden Pond Pressurised Biofilters with UV

Garden Pond Pressurised Bio-Filters.
2 sizes 18w UV and 24w UV

Garden Pond Gravity Filters with UV's

Garden Pond Gravity Filters with UV's
For ponds 6000L and 9000L

Blagdon Multistage Filters Kits

Blagdon Multistage Pond Filter Kits
5 stage filters, pump, UVC
4500-14000L Pond
£106.48 to £279.50

Lotus Bio Clear Kits

Lotus BioClear Kits
lotus bioclear kits

Clearpond 7 Stage Pond Kits

Clearpool 7 Stage Pond Filter Kits
7 stage filters, pump, UVc
15000-50000L Pond
£209.95 to £435.71

Fishmate Pressurised Filters Kits

Fishmate Pressurised Pond Filter Kits
Pressure Filters, Pump, UVC
2500-45000L Pond
£109.95 to £499.95

Green Genie Pressure Filter Kits

lotus Green Genie Pressure Filter Kits
lotus xtreme pressure pond filter kits with pump

Blagdon Easy Clean Kits

Tetra Pressurised Pond Filter Kits
Filter, Pump, UVC
5000 to 15000 Litres
£125.95 to £188.45

Laguna Clear Flo Power Kits

Laguna Clear Flo Power Pond Filter  Kits
Pond Filter and pump kits
for pond 2500L - 12000L
£198.74 to £398.99

Pond Filtration For Koi

Pond Filtration For Koi
Specialist filtration for large Koi ponds.

Pond Filter Spares

Pond Filters Spares
Pond Filter Sponges
Ultra violets, Media
Buckets, Quartz

Solid Outlet Pipe for Box Filters

Outlet pipe
Solid outlet pipe, couplings and bends to fit Green Genie and the Clearpond Filter Outlets.


Pond Filters and Kits


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