Pond Pump Supplies

We pride ourselves in having the largest selection of pond pumps in the UK. We only stock units from the top manufacturers like, Messner, Oase, Blagdon, Lotus, Fishmate, Interpet, Oasis and Bermuda. We stock in pond all in one filter pumps that have a filter and ultra violet combined. We stock in pond  ones that have fountain combined with waterfall. We stock Pond Filter,waterfall, Solar Pumps and of course external filter and waterfall pumps that sit on the side of the pond.

All In One Pumps Filters

Blagdon in pool pond filter pump.
4 Allin One Units
Pond Filter Pump
and UVC Compined

Fountain Only Pumps

Fishmate Fountain Pump
Fountain Only Pumps
7 Small Units
£17.45 to £44.99

Feature Pond Pumps

Feature Pond Pumps
4 feature pond pumps, 350-1000 LPH

Eco Fountain Waterfall Pumps

Eco Fountain waterfall Pond Pump
8 Eco Pumps
750-8000 L/hr
£24.95 to £99.95

Lotus Otter Pumps

Lotus Otter  Legend Pond Pumps
7 Lotus Otter Pumps
800 to 6000 L/Hr.
£24.99 to £99.99

Lotus Maximus Eco Pumps

Lotus Maximus Fountain Filter Pumps
Lotus ECO Pond Pumps
800 to 8000 LPH
£34.92 to £126.85

Fishmate Fountain Pumps

Fishmate fountain waterfall filter Pumps
Twelve Pond Range
700 to 22000 LPH
£23.46 to £255.52

Blagdon Range

Blagdon Midi combined fountain waterfall Pumps
Blagdon Pond Midi Pumps
2000 to 6500 LPH
£49.99 to £104.24

Laguna Powerjet Free-Flo Pumps

Laguna Powerjet Free Flow Pumps
8 Pumps in Range
1500 to 11000 Litres/hr
£67.49 - £199.99

Messner N Range

Messner N Range of waterfall pumps
11 Pond Pump Range
850 to 16000 LPH
£34.64 to £346.49

ECO Solids Handling Pumps

Eco Solids Handling Pump
eco solids handling pumps
Low electrical usage, Solids Handling

Force Hybrid Filter Pumps

Balgdon force hybrid solids handling waterfall filter pump
Filter Waterfall Pumps
5000 to 16000 LPH
£82.43 to £129.95

Lotus Olympus Pro Pump Range

Lotus Olympus Pto Pond Pumps
olympus pro pond pumps lotus

Laguna Maxflo Solids Handling Pumps

Laguna Powerjet solids handling waterfall filter pump
7 Pond Pumps
2200 to 16000 L/Hr
£79.95 - £239.99

Messner X Range

Messner X range of submersible waterfall solids handling pumps
14 Messner Pumps
4000 to 20000 LPH
£188.99 to £506.39

Messner Pump Tec Range

Messner Tec Range of submersible or amphibious waterfall filter pumps
14 External Pumps
4000 to 20000 LPH
£184.49 to £492.29

Sea Lion Amphibious Pumps

Sea lion amphibious low wattage high pressure pump
7 Amphib Pond Pumps
6000-28000 L/Hr
£89.99 - £189.99

Lotus Olympus Pump Range

Lotus Olympus range 4 with multi directional hosetail pump
7 Economical
3500 to 25000 LPH
£81.07 to £321.72

Aquajet Power Plus Pumps

Project Powerjet 4 in range pressure pumps low wattage.
Power Plus Pumps
15000 to 25000 L/H
£274.99 - £329.99

Oasis BVP Pressure Pumps

Oasis BVP pressure pumps
High Pressure Pumps
38mm Solids Handling
19000 to 25000 LPH
£242.99 to £293.11

Messner Multi System

Messner Multi System pressure waterfall filter pump
17 pond Range
3000 to 40000 LPH
£167.39 to £1079.99

Messner Multi Tec Pump

Messner Multi Tec pressure pump the big daddy
The Big Daddy Pump
60000 LPH

Eco Utility Pumps

3500 LPH Utility ECO Water Pump.
25w and with a max height of 3m

Pump Accessories

hose elbows  taps ts connectors for pumps
Pump Hose Valves
Elbows, T Pieces
Electrical RCD etc.


hose in 4 sizes for pumps
Stainless Clips
6 Sizes

Pond Pumps and Filters

filter kits complete with pumps
Pond Filter Kits
Including Correct

Pond Pump Spares

spare impellors rotors for your pump
Spare Rotors
Seals and Bearings
For Pond Pumps