Waterlife Pool Harmony 180g


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Pool Harmony

Clears blanketweed in garden ponds & promotes plant growth.

What causes blanketweed? – Direct sunlight, high nitrate levels, calcerous matter, overfeeding, overstocking, inefficient or failing filtration, lack of natural plants or hard, alkaline water are common reasons for algae growth.


Very effective blanketweed inhibitor
Works by making water chemistry unfavorable to blanketweed
Encourages growth of desirable pond plants, i.e. lilies, rushes, irises etc.
Dissolves easily
Harmless to all fish, plants and pond-visiting wildlife
Easy to use

Use BacterLife P to assist in the break down of algae after algicides have been used, to reduce the risks of oxygen starvation.

Available in:
180g - 3 treatments for 2,250 litres 500 galls.
360g - 3 treatments for 4,500 litres 1,000 galls.

 See Algizin G for the treatment of green water