Tropic Marin Triple Buffer 250gms

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Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer

- Raises and balances pH
- Boosts and stabilizes alkalinity
- Adjusts Trace Elements level

When do I need Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer?

- Acidification from fishes and decomposition products has shifted the pH out of the recommended 8.2 - 8.4

- Precipitation has lowered the needed alkalinity (3-6 meq/l);

- Absorption by the aquarium population and precipitation as result of imbalances in pH and alkalinity reduced the level of trace elements

Contains all natural ingredients of highest purity - like the famous Tropic Marin sea salt. Sophisticated formula includes pharmaceutical grade salts.

How to use Triple Buffer:

Add 1 level measuring spoon weekly for each 20 gallons (75 litres) of aquarium water.

In case your measurements show strong deviations from the recommended values, the addition of Tropic Marin© Triple Buffer can be repeated daily until the desired levels of pH and alkalinity are reached. To avoid possible precipitation do not use buffers and calcium supplements at the same time. Check pH and alkalinity regularly with the Tropic Marin© pH-Test and KH/Alkalinity-Test to offer your marine animals an ideal environment.