V2 Bio 1000 Fluidised Sand Filter

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The V2 Bio 1000 Fluidised Sand Bed Filter utilises the most efficient method of aerobic biological filtration available. Versatile compact design - can be installed internally in a sump or aquarium or externally as a stand alone or 'hang-on' filter. Can be easily incorporated with any aquarium set-up. Just connect to pump or power filter (NOT SUPPLIED) to create an advanced professional filtration system. Specially designed media diffuser bowl ensures uniform fluidisation of filter media. Supplied complete with silica sand. Marine oolitic sand is available separately. Can also be used to fluidise other media and is ideal for use with phosphate removing media. Supplied complete with useful fittings and accessories for quick and simple installation. Suitable for both freshwater and marine applications. Three models available for aquariums of up to 1500 litres/330 UK Gallons. The TMC Fluidised reactor is ideal for Nitrate and Phosphate when used in conjunction with Marine Bio Pearls.